Cozy and family-friendly (baby-friendly)

We want our guests to feel at home even though they may travel from far away. At YASNA, we have worked very hard to make the apartments suitable for both families with little kids, as well as a group of friends or couples. At YASNA we thought of all the playful adults and our little ones. Playing cards, board games can be found in the apartments and our apartments also include play-corners with children’s books and toys. Each apartment includes a television with many TV stations and WiFi connection.

For your convenience we have the available children’s equipment on site – baby chair, baby dishes and cutlery, two types of baby crib, step stool, bathinette, potty and baby toilet seat.

Ecological and responsible to nature

Nature is here for all of us and it deserves to be cared for with love and respect. Mother Nature is very quiet, but if we listen carefully she can tell us everything. At YASNA, we think it’s time we started listening to nature thoroughly, and it’s up to each and every one of us to help nature find its balance again. At YASNA, we strive to be as responsible as possible to nature. YASNA apartments are regularly cleaned and treated with the ecological and anti-allergic device Hyla. We also use ecological cleaning agents from the Czech-Slovak company Tierra Verde. At YASNA, we also strive to use the most sustainable products possible, such as dish sponges, kitchen towels, trash bags, recycled toilet paper and kitchen napkins. When choosing toys for children, we focused on choosing natural materials from local manufacturers.Let’s listen together to the quietness of nature to weaken the loudness of the material world.

Simple and practical

We tried to furnish the apartments very simply and practically, but still cozy just like your second home. We really thought through all the objects we have put in the apartment and tried not to overwhelm the rooms by the amount of unnecessary things that would be just another burden on the environment